U.S. Government Takes a Leak on Wikileaks

Glen Greenwald reports Wikileaks is under siege from the U.S. government and its corporate puppeteers for boldly posting leaked documents that show the depth of fraud and manipulation occurring in our daily lives.  Apparently the latest release is a CIA report detailing how to manipulate public opinion in France and Germany on the Afghanistan conflict, and two sections are entitled “Public Apathy Allows Leaders to Ignore Voters” and “Why Counting On Apathy Might Not Be Enough.”

It can’t be a surprise that the U.S. government is attempting to manipulate foreign opinion on the war – they’ve been doing this for various conflicts since the beginning of the Cold War.  The larger issue is that the government sees Wikileaks as  a mortal threat.  At the Pentagon they’ve added it to a list of groups threatening the security of the United States, and the U.S. Army Counterintelligence Center put together ways it would seek to destroy the organization.

It’s not like the U.S. is alone in hating Wikileaks.  In fact

As the Pentagon report put it:  “the governments of China, Israel, North Korea, Russia, Vietnam and Zimbabwe” have all sought to block access to or otherwise impede the operations of WikiLeaks, and the U.S. Government now joins that illustrious list of transparency-loving countries in targeting them.

Wikileaks performs a vital function now that the mainstream press either chooses not to or does not have the resources to adequately practice investigative journalism.  The best chance we have to be an informed citizenry and perform a checking function against power is by accessing information, which is why Wikileaks needs to be supported and defended against these attacks.


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