The Simpsons Is Dead

Last night, the Simpsons opened with a lip-synched sketch of characters singing Ke$ha’s “Tik-Tok.”  For about a decade the Simpsons has been aging precipitously, but I would occasionally watch (very occasionally) and they were occasionally funny.  Now… now… the show has gone from aging, to decaying, to dead.  What is the point of the Ke$ha tribute – to bring in young viewers in love with awful music? Ke$ha is precisely the kind of pop culture spectacle the Simpsons used to lampoon during their peak in the 1990s, and now they celebrate her? It’s painfully clear that the shows the Simpsons spawned – South Park and Family Guy – are funnier, harder-edged, and more in tune with the times than our dearly departed Simpsons.  It’s time to pull the plug – if Fox won’t do it, we the viewers have to.  (Thanks to Videogum for the tip).


"Forget it Jake, it's Ke$ha-town."


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