A personal blog on politics from a Marxist point of view. Occasional non-political discussions as well. All done from a decidedly unorthodox point-of-view.


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  1. Congratulations on your Counterpunch article this weekend.

  2. Hi, I just read your fine article on ‘smearing Stein’ on Counterpunch. I wonder if you have time for a question.

    I have been a long time supporter of 3rd party candidates. I voted Nader 3* and Stein last election.
    I have never voted for a Republican and have only, voted McGovern and (this will date me) Shirley Chisolm, ( I believe, in a primary or I wrote her in).

    I am a supporter of Stein. I noticed on a ‘board’ that I, sometimes chat on, someone stated that Stein took corporate contibutions. I looked up the documentation. Apparently, it is true, but I am not sure as its ENTIRE accuracy. On OPEN SECRETS.ORG I noticed the following 10 top contributors:

    AON Corp$2,700.00
    Xoom Global Money Transfer$2,600.00
    IBM Corp$2,000.00
    Thoughtworks Inc$2,000.00
    United Parcel Service $1,550.00
    Principal Designer$1,400.00
    Baltimore Public Schools$1,000.00
    Request Sent To Donor$1,000.00
    University of Wisconsin$820.00

    I don’t know how to respond. It looks, TECHNICALLY, that Stein is taking large contributions. Not large by any means but technically from corporate sponsers. Even if its only from 10 sponsers. It also looks like another way to ‘smear’ Stein. Fact is, that Sanders had also very large corporate contributors. But, he also, seemed to only take ‘independent’ contributions. So, I am thinking that this a semantic or technical misunderstanding? However, when I look further I notice that most of ALL of Steins contributors are ‘individuals’ as well – just like Sanders were. Most of her money comes from individuals. And I was wondering if you knew how to unwind this. Is the individual money WRAPPED inside of a AON Corp donation of $2700? Hope I am explaining this well.

    So…..this is the question. Is the AON Corp contribution of $2700 really a corporate contribution or just appear to be one?
    Thanks for any help you can give. Bernie Karpf

    • These are usually individual donations, so for instance the UPS donation comes from a Green in NY I happen to know and because they put down their employer as UPS, it comes up listed as that on Opensecrets. If it were a PAC donation it would be listed as a PAC, but it is instead individuals.

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